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We know it can be overwhelming to make big changes in your life when it comes to going toxic-free, so start simple! Read a post and make a change, one step at a time. You can begin by printing out the Toxic Free Blog Checklist and then checking the articles off one by one as you read them. To get you started, here is our Top 5 List we recommend you read immediately:

#1 “Take Off Those Shoes!”

#2 “Test for Radon”

#3 “Testing your Water”

#4 “Cleaning: We All Have to Do It!”

#5 “Plastic: Understanding What the Triangle Means”

These five areas are quite possibly affecting you the most, so we suggest prioritizing changes by making a list and budgeting for them. As you do so, keep in mind that in some aspects, going toxic-free will save you money. By disposing of many items in your home you think you need, you’ll find that you’ll be saving pennies that you can put toward bigger priorities.

We urge you to give your kids the safe and healthy life they deserve. Remember: there is always going to be speculation on what is and isn’t toxic, but our motto here at ToxicFreeKids is: “If we can live without it, then why chance it?”

CCRF Offers Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner Choices & Handy Grocery Shopping List

Avoiding processed foods and food additives can help decrease risk of cancer and contribute to a healthier lifestyle As Thanksgiving approaches, families across the nation will begin preparing for their traditional holiday meal. While a hardy stuffing and cranberry from the can may sound delicious, these Thanksgiving staples often contain artificial ingredients and even potential […]

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CCRF Identifies Scary Dangers in Certain Halloween Items & Offers Helpful Tips

Every child gets energized this time of year as they pick out their Halloween costume and look forward to the much-anticipated day of trick-or-treating. As part of its Toxic Free Kids initiative, the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) recommends that parents and guardians be cautious about their choices and purchases. Many Halloween costumes require the […]

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Are Conventional Crayons Safe?

Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation Shares Tips for Back-to-School Sometimes children do strange things, and eating crayons is one of them. With the back-to-school season here, many parents may wonder about conventional crayons: Are they safe? As part of its Toxic Free Kids initiative, the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) urges parents to consider both conventional […]

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Top 10 Practical Ways to Reduce Plastic Use at Home

There are areas of concern involving the use of plastics and an increased risk for children, say certain sources. According to WebMD, some studies suggest that possible effects from BPA (Bisphenol A), a common chemical in plastics, could be most pronounced in infants and young children. “Their bodies are still developing and they are less […]

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Tips to Keep Kids Safe from Lawn Maintenance

As the summer sun turns up the heat, many folks will be tending to their lawns and gardens to make sure they are the greenest on the block and pest-free. However, many are unaware of the potentially harmful toxins that may be lurking in products that are commonly applied to lawns and gardens. As part […]

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Toxic Free Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Summer

With the school year drawing to a close and the warm weather approaching; families will begin to plan summer activities. However, many are unaware of the potentially harmful toxins that may be lurking in common areas, such as swimming pools, sun block, and even in a sandbox. As part of its Toxic Free Kids initiative, […]

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Toxic Free Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Harrisburg, PA – May 1, 2014 – As a representation of their love and appreciation, now is the time that children are looking for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Leading up to the holiday, the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) advises the public to be mindful of certain products, such as particular brands of make-up […]

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Toxic Free Spring Cleaning Tips From the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

Harrisburg, PA- April 8, 2014- With the spring season in full swing and the warm weather right around the corner, families around the nation will begin to embark on their annual spring cleaning rituals. However, there are a large number of household cleaning products that are not only toxic to the environment, but are linked […]

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Helpful Tips to Protect Families Against Harmful Toxins

The Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation Offers Helpful Tips to Protect Families Against Harmful Toxins as Part of National Poison Prevention Week (March 16-22, 2014) Harrisburg, PA – March 14, 2014 – Each year, approximately 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide and about 90,000 of these children succumb to the diseases, according to Children’s Cancer […]

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Cell Phones and Cancer

This post is an excerpt from Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation founder, Greg Anderson, taken from his book Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do (4th edition), Penguin/Plume, 2012. Cell Phones and Cancer Q: Do cell phones cause cancer? A: Maybe. Q: Is there good scientific evidence showing that radiation from a mobile phone has a biological […]

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