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We know it can be overwhelming to make big changes in your life when it comes to going toxic-free, so start simple! Read a post and make a change, one step at a time. You can begin by printing out the Toxic Free Blog Checklist and then checking the articles off one by one as you read them. To get you started, here is our Top 5 List we recommend you read immediately:

#1 “Take Off Those Shoes!”

#2 “Test for Radon”

#3 “Testing your Water”

#4 “Cleaning: We All Have to Do It!”

#5 “Plastic: Understanding What the Triangle Means”

These five areas are quite possibly affecting you the most, so we suggest prioritizing changes by making a list and budgeting for them. As you do so, keep in mind that in some aspects, going toxic-free will save you money. By disposing of many items in your home you think you need, you’ll find that you’ll be saving pennies that you can put toward bigger priorities.

We urge you to give your kids the safe and healthy life they deserve. Remember: there is always going to be speculation on what is and isn’t toxic, but our motto here at ToxicFreeKids is: “If we can live without it, then why chance it?”

Cell Phones and Cancer

This post is an excerpt from Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation founder, Greg Anderson, taken from his book Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do (4th edition), Penguin/Plume, 2012. Cell Phones and Cancer Q: Do cell phones cause cancer? A: Maybe. Q: Is there good scientific evidence showing that radiation from a mobile phone has a biological […]

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Sugar and Cancer: What You Must Know NOW

We talk a lot here about environmental toxins as cancer-causing agents, but what plays perhaps an even greater role in maintaining a healthy mind and body is nutrition. As parents, you cannot overlook the enormous impact what you feed your children has on their overall health; in fact, you may be surprised just how dangerous […]

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How CT Scans Have Raised Kids’ Risk for Future Cancer

[This article was released on and has been re-published here.] by Nancy Shute June 11, 2013 11:34 AM Use of CT scans has doubled for children under five and tripled for older children. Doctors are prescribing too many CT scans for children, a study says, even though they know that the radiation used in […]

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My Water Is Contaminated, Now What?

If you recently tested your water at home and the results weren’t so great, you now have an important choice to make for you and your family. If your results included nitrates, chlorine, chloramines, or bacteria, we strongly encourage you to take immediate action. Your water is an important part of your home—besides drinking it, […]

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What Is Radon?

You may have heard about radon scares, but do you really know what radon is? If you don’t, here’s a quick education on this potentially harmful gas. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown (radioactive decay) of uranium. It’s usually found in igneous rock and soil, but in some […]

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Winter Body Blues

Does the change in weather put you in a “food funk?” Does it seem as though fruits and veggies are in short supply during the winter months? Or are you just more drawn to comfort foods when it’s cold outside? As you know, our bodies are reliant on receiving all of the nutrients we need […]

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Start a Healthy New Year

Get ready to start your New Year right by making a resolution to go toxic-free! Many of us vow to eat healthier in the coming year, but our suggestion here at Toxic-Free Kids is not just to eat healthy but to live healthy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many changes you may feel you […]

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Are Your Underarms Safe?

What’s the big stink about using common deodorants? While for years we’ve slathered on antiperspirant as part of our morning routine—and sometimes even more than once a day—we must tell you that this habit is one we all need to re-think. Why? Because our underarms contain pores, we risk exposure to toxic chemicals when we […]

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Toxic Toothpaste?

If we visited your child’s hygiene products, what brand of toothpaste would we find? If your answer is SpongeBob SquarePants or some other equally beloved character, we urge you to rethink this choice … and fast. Why? The truth is, just because kids love the taste—and the icon on the package encourages children to brush […]

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Skin as Soft as a Baby’s Bottom

The purpose of applying lotion to our skin is to keep it hydrated, young looking, and healthy, right? Perhaps you, like many others, grab your lotion the minute you step out of the shower; after all, doesn’t it make sense that moisturizing after showering is the best way to rehydrate your skin quickly? Recent studies, […]

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