Winter Body Blues

Does the change in weather put you in a “food funk?” Does it seem as though fruits and veggies are in short supply during the winter months? Or are you just more drawn to comfort foods when it’s cold outside?

As you know, our bodies are reliant on receiving all of the nutrients we need on a regular basis, and vegetables and fruits are a vital component of that—not only to maintain a vibrant body, but also a strong immune system. Science has proven that fruits and vegetables contain elements that are key to a healthy diet, and we’ve all heard that we should eat more broccoli, chow down on those blueberries, or incorporate more leafy greens into our diet.

So what to do when the variety you’re used to isn’t available?

If you’re missing the benefits of eating different fruits and veggies each day to get the vitamins and nutrition they have to offer, don’t despair! Though you may only visit the grocery store weekly, finding it a challenge to buy fresh items that will last a week—especially during the winter months—there is a remedy for your winter body blues!

If your usual favorites aren’t available, try shaking it up with different produce by choosing what’s “in season” and trying something new. If citrus is your thing, clementines are great and easy to peel—especially for children—and depending where you live, some fruits and veggies actually thrive during the cold season. Even better: a variety of greens should be readily available all year round.

But if you’re still feeling challenged, keep in mind that even though it’s not ideal, frozen and canned produce is better than nothing. Whether you make smoothies, juices, salads, or the like, you can still get some nutrients into your body. And if you have farmers markets nearby, they’re a great source of fruits, veggies, and greens that are often organic and picked at their peak of freshness—make time to explore and grab some great produce there!

So before you fall into that winter funk, or if you’re already feeling the blues, this is your reminder to not neglect boosting your body with those much-needed fruits and vegetables. However you choose to take in that daily dose, the goal is to make sure you get it for a healthy, happy body.