Armpit Madness

So what is the big stink about using common deodorants?  Obviously our arm pits are areas of skin with pores and it is those pores that are a main source for risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. Many deodorants are filled with fragrances, parabens, and aluminum.  All of these chemicals are big no no’s!

By now you understand that fragrances, while maybe smelling good on the outside, are damaging us on the inside.  Due to their lack of regulation from the FDA they are a free for all when it comes to chemicals.  Parabens are hormone disruptors as well as a large possible link to the increase risk in breast cancer.  Considering your breasts are right next to our arm pits this would be a great place to avoid these chemicals!  Many tumors removed from breast are found to contain parabens in them which is why the link is being made between parabens and breast cancer.  So those of you with young girls wanting to start smelling a little fresher should be really concentrating on which deodorant your daughter is using! The last ingredient is aluminum which may sound odd to you.  Turns out there is a large amount of research being done on the link between exposure to aluminum and the increased amount of alzheimer’s disease.

My advice is to choose a natural alternative for your daily deodorant.  Avoid fragrance, Parabens: (butylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben, isopropylparapen), and aluminum. Tom’s of Maine offers some safe choices as well as Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals both available at Walmart.  Again make sure you read all the ingredients, which again I recommend The Skin Deep website (boy have I gotten my $5.00 worth from that donation!).  I basically looked through what Wal Mart had to offer then plugged them into the site to see what the ingredients were in them.  Many other options are available if you are into ordering online as well.