Reminders for Bottled Water

After researching the bottled water industry I realized if I want to know my water is safe then I should invest in a reverse osmosis system at my home and buy a stainless steel water container to cart it around (yep did that and the water is fantastic!).  For those of us that get caught without our stainless steel containers and are thirsty, here is how to decipher bottled water.

Yeah maybe it says glacier on the bottle, but chances are it is from a faucet at a water plant, there is no regulation on honesty!  So best thing to do is to get a brand that says it uses purified, reverse osmosis or micro-filtration, these types of filtrations get you close to no contaminants.   Also avoid waters that say “spring”, chances are it is not Rocky Mountain fresh, and typically this means it has not been filtered.  Do you really want “fresh” spring water these days with all the chemicals being dumped into our water ways….thinking the answer is NO!

As far as the bottle goes, most drinking bottles are a #1 plastic, #1 being safe.  That’s a good start, but now the problem is if the water was stored at excessive temperatures it now may not be so safe.  Heat can cause plastic to release toxins into the water.  Since we have no idea how the water was stored prior to us purchasing it, you are taking a chance on it.  Biggest thing is to make sure once it is in your hands YOU keep it safe.  If you are keeping bottled water at home remember to keep it in a cool place away from chemicals.  Never let water sit in a hot car and then recool! Also never wash, and reuse water bottles, again this can cause toxins to be released into your water as well.

To wrap it up, buy water that has been somehow purified in a #1 bottle.  Brands like Dansani, Aquafina, and Pure Life by Nestle are relatively safe bets.  If your water at home has been tested and is safe you should take it from home in a stainless steel container, this helps the environment and YOU!

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