Seed Balls…fun and planting all in one!

If your kid’s like rolling play dough and you are looking for a fun way to plant some flowers to take care of a hard to mow area than this is your lucky day.  SEED BALLS to the rescue!  Seed balls are the perfect answer to keeping the kiddos busy and helping mother-nature (and you) at the same time.  It’s simple and fun, here’s what you need.


  • Bucket
  • Red clay soil
  • Compost
  • Seed Packet (wildflower are beautiful, but choose what you like!)
  • Water
  • Tarp or blanket
  1. Combine seeds with one part of compost and five parts red clay in bucket. (Bags of prepared compost can be found at garden supply stores and red clay is available at craft supply stores
  2. Add a cup of water to moisten the mix.  Continue adding water one cup at a time until the mix is moist enough to form into balls.  (The balls should be about the size of a marble)
  3. Roll the soil into balls, rolling and squeezing the soil tightly until the soil begins to harden and can hold a round shape.
  4. Set the seed balls on a tarp or blanket in the sunlight to dry for 24 to 48 hours. The seed balls must be completely dry before you scatter them.
  5. Scatter the seed balls by hand in the area you wish the wildflowers to grow. Keep in mind one seed ball contains enough seeds to cover 1 square foot of space.

There is no need to water (love that part!), just wait and they will germinate once they receive the right amount of rainfall!