Top 10 Ways to Go Toxic-Free

We know how overwhelming it can be to think of going toxic-free all at once; in fact, it’s nearly impossible. Eliminating toxic products and practices from your life is a process, so we’ve created a Top 10 List to help you begin, then slowly move through the list one item at a time until you’ve conquered them all!

1.  Take Your Shoes Off

Leave your shoes at the door so outside chemicals don’t come in!

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2.  Purchase Healthier Cleaning Supplies

By choosing either natural remedies or toxic-free cleaning supplies, you can eliminate nasty chemicals in your home and leave your family breathing and living healthier!

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3.  Re-think Your Laundry

Avoid detergents that contain phthalates, dyes, perfumes, and chlorine bleach. These dangerous chemicals in your laundry can be absorbed into your family’s skin and lungs and should be avoided.

4.  Test for Radon

Radon may be a naturally occurring gas, but it’s dangerous when found in homes. The second leading cause of lung cancer, this odorless gas can go undetected unless tested for. Our advice? Test new and older homes yearly to protect your family.

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5.  Know Your Plastic

By learning what plastics are safe for eating and drinking and how to care for them, you can reduce your family’s exposure to leached chemicals and dangerous toxins.

6.  Test Your Water

Many families unknowingly have dangerous chemicals in their water. Both public and private systems have potentially toxic possibilities and should be tested yearly.

7.  Get Smart about Food

Milk and other dairy products can contain dangerous hormones, so understand how to read your labels to purchase healthier products. Also learn what produce contains the most pesticides and which you should always purchase organic whenever possible.

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8.  Keep Your Lawn Safe

Avoid using dangerous pesticides and insecticides on your lawn. Both are cancer-causing chemicals to which children can be easily exposed, not only from the dangerous vapors, but by the residue that remains for weeks.

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9.  Beware of Your Attached Garage

There are three ways to reduce exposure to dangerous toxins in attached garages:

  • Park outside when possible.
  • Leave garage doors open to air out fumes for at least 10 minutes or more.
  • Install a garage ventilation system.

10.  Heed Remodeling and Building Do’s & Don’ts

Be aware of toxic materials when building and remodeling. By choosing toxic-free paints and flooring—for just two examples—you can help limit the amount of toxic chemicals that can linger in your home for months.

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We’re here to make a difference and to teach the world how to live a healthier, toxic-free lifestyle … and we want YOU to join us!