Start a Kid’s Veggie Garden – Outdoors

An easy way to go toxic free when it comes to your diet is by growing your own vegetables!  Okay so maybe we don’t all have yards or space to do a whole garden then try a small raised vegetable box or large pots for on your porch.  This is a creative way to get the kiddos involved in going organic!  Please remember this garden is for them so let them have fun with it!  (I say this cause I found myself trying to perfect my seven year old’s planting on Sunday, just let them go!)

Here’s what you need!

  1. Small area of ground with good sunlight for yard gardens.  For planter gardens you will need large plots (12 inch minimum for pots  to allow for space for the plants roots)
  2. Soil, plain old Top Soil will do for your planters.  For yard gardens make sure the area is cultivated and free of grass.
  3. Seeds, these can be found at the grocery store in the produce section as well as hardware stores.   Make sure to follow the instructions on seed packets, one seed per pot!
  4. Water (keeping plants moist will keep them healthy and growing!)
  5. Sunlight

*if you have a small child I recommend some larger seeds like zucchini for easier handling!  No worries  even if they dump too many seeds in, you can thin them out when all the little sprouts start coming!