Got Milk?

……..Or should I Say Got Healthy Milk!

Wow, where do I even begin on this great debate!  First of all dairy is important in our lives, something we need daily to be healthy.  The question is what is healthy when it comes to purchasing milk.  Here’s the “skinny”, sorry cows no pun intended!  Raw milk from grass fed, non antibiotic and hormone receiving cows is best.  Don’t have a cow in your back yard? Now what?  If you have access to a local farmer’s market your chances of getting healthy raw milk are probably good.  For the rest of us that depend on the supermarket here are some tips.

First of all NO Hormones! If you look at the label it should say rBST-free.  For my PA locals that means Harrisburg Dairy Products.  For me this is the most important thing when purchasing my milk.  What are these hormones?  They are used to get the cows bigger, stronger, and producing more milk.  Found in many dairy products these hormones are dangerous to humans.  They can cause problems with our own hormones and potentially cause cancer as well.

The next issue is antibiotics.  Yes cows take them too!  It seems the cows these days are working overtime and therefore are prone to infection from producing so much milk.  Many cows are given antibiotics regularly and what goes in does come out!  (Again, our local Harrisburg Dairies test regularly for antibiotics in their cows.)

Grabbing your milk in the super market may not be as healthy as getting off the farm but checking into your choices can at least give you an alternative that is better.  I suggest checking the labels next time you are in the store and researching the company’s practices.