Cleaning: We All Have to Do It!

FACT: Stay-at-home parents have a 54% higher chance of getting cancer than those who work outside the home.

We know you clean your home to protect your family and give them a safe place to live, but you probably don’t realize that the products you’re using to accomplish this are, in fact, likely doing more harm than good.

If you take a look at the ingredients in all of your cleaning products, you’ll find that most contain chemical agents that are carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. Everyone’s lungs in your household are exposed to the fumes in your cleaning products, and unless you’re wearing protective gloves, your skin is exposed as well, doubling your risk. The sad truth is that many everyday cleaning products we’ve all grown up with are now being linked to various illnesses, including cancer, asthma, and allergies.

If you think you can’t live without all those products under your sink, we want to encourage you by telling you that you can! There IS a way to keep your house clean and your family safe at the same time.

Read our posts on how to clean the toxic-free way: Cleaning the Natural Way, Buying Natural Cleaning Products, What’s Wrong with Chlorine Bleach?, Steam Cleaners: Our New Best Friends, and The Truth about Ammonia. At the end of this journey, you’ll not only be breathing easier and feeling better when cleaning your house, but you’ll also be keeping your family safe.

The first step is disposing of any product under your sink that’s potentially lethal—this means bye-bye bleach, ammonia-ridden products, toilet bowl cleaner, and a host of others. We know it’s a process … but make today the beginning of your quest to go toxic-free!

If you’re not yet convinced, watch the “Toxic Brew” video on the right or search it out on YouTube. After viewing, you’ll be ready to go toxic-free!