Toxic Free Blog Checklist

Looking for a way to keep track of the blogs you read and things you changed in you home?  Just copy, paste and print so you can check them off as you read them!


1. Cleaning, we all got to do it!
2. Cleaning the Natural Way
3. Buying Cleaning Products
4. What’s Wrong with Chlorine Bleach?
5. Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener
6. Steam Cleaners…my bff
7. Ammonia, PU!

Outside the House

1. A Lawn Our Kids Can Play On
2. Killing Bugs May Be Harmful to Your Health!
3. Swimming Pools
4. Hot Tubs


1. Time to Test Your Water!
2. Private Water Systems
3. Public Water Systems
4. My Water Is Contaminated, Now What?
5. Water Solutions
6. Water System for the Entire Home
7. Shower Purifiers
8. Faucet Purifiers
9. Bottled Water

Inside Your Home


1. Testing For Radon
2. Oh No….I Got Radon!

Dishes Storage

1. Understanding What the Triangle Means
2. Dishes, What Should I Be Using


1. Take Your Shoes Off
2. Vinyl
3. Carpet
4. Hardwood
5. Ceramic Tile
6. Laminate


1. Dangers of Attached Garages
2. Garages & Storage Sheds


  1. Microwave
  2. What Is Dishwasher Safe?


  1. Got Milk?