Testing for Radon

If you’re unsure what radon is, we recommend you first read our post: What Is Radon?

As laws vary state by state on the topic, there is no general requirement for radon testing, so there are likely many homeowners who have never had their houses tested. Often it’s not until someone in the home becomes ill or is diagnosed with cancer that tests for radon are even considered. For this reason, we urge you to test your home immediately—it really is too simple and inexpensive not to.

For your first test, we recommend Air Chek testing kits, purchased in hardware stores for just a few dollars. Included in the kit are simple step-by-step instructions and a postage-paid envelope. The process is easy:

After completing the information on the packet, you simply place your kit in your home as instructed and leave for several days. Once the time frame is complete, mail the kit back. You typically receive your results within a few days.

It really is that simple to find out what you’re breathing!

If your levels come back at more than 4.0, DO NOT PANIC! We offer you guidance in the post You Have Radon, Now What?.