Steam Cleaners….my bff

Looking for a safe and effective way to clean without chemicals or vinegar, try steam cleaning. Now out on the market at a reasonable price is both portable and floor steam cleaners. I have to admit I have been using the floor cleaner for about a year and love it. I still like to use vinegar water every once in awhile for a bit of added shine, but for my weekly cleaning I use my steam mop. Just add water and go to town. The steam mop heats the water to create a steam that sanitizes and releases dirt at the same time. It comes with a pad for the bottom that wipes away that grime. When you are finished just toss the pad in the wash and finished! I like that it gets me off my hands and knees, on tile that gets kind of painful!

The portable steamer is my recent purchased and I am just starting to use this item. I have tile showers and wanted a way to really get the grout cleaned from time to time in the hard to reach spots. I will continue to use my vinegar water for daily cleaning, but this little steamer is awesome and powerful! It also can be used for removing wrinkles out of clothes, getting your glass stove top spotless and keeping your countertops beautiful! Again it is a definite compliment in the cleaning toxic free industry. Both items are a medium price, but I feel are worth the money. If you have tile floors the mop is a must have purchase in my book!