Garages & Storage Sheds

Our garages and storage sheds are home to many dangerous chemicals.  Normally the place we store it all, these areas end up the dumping ground for not only dirty soccer cleats and outside toys, but also bug sprays, motor oil, and antifreeze just to name a few.

Now is the time to go out and take a few minutes and look over what all chemicals you have out there.  I realize that some of these toxic chemicals are necessary for maintaining our vehicles, but I am sure there a few that you can do without.  Here are some other tips for keeping you and your garage safe.

  • Relocate any dangerous items to shelving that is out of reach to your little ones.
  • When you using toxic products to maintain your vehicle (i.e. windshield wash, antifreeze, motor oil), always remove your vehicle from garage.  Proper ventilation is important, as well as removing the risk of dangerous fumes into your household if your garage is attached.
  • Always read labels thoroughly, don’t assume that necessary chemicals are safe chemicals.  Many labels will actually suggest wearing a mask or covering your skin or order to limit your exposure.

I realize that we have become dependent on certain toxic chemicals when it comes to our vehicles.  Remembering to take precaution when using these chemicals can reduce your risk of exposure and your family’s as well.

ANYTHING TOXIC SHOULD NOT BE INGESTED, INHALED, OR IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SKIN!  Using items in open aired spaces may not be enough, always follow instructions and avoid when possible.