Ceramic Tile: A Super Green Option

In choosing flooring for your new or existing home, ceramic tile is a safe, non-toxic option.

Not only is it free of chemicals found in most other synthetic flooring (such as laminate, vinyl and carpet), but it’s also easy to clean, allowing you to wash away any unwanted outside chemicals that come into your home. Ceramic tile itself is non-toxic, and often the installation is a non-toxic process as well.

Here are a few questions we recommend you ask your installer:

  • What type of sub-flooring are you putting in? (we recommend Wonder Board)
  • Is a latex adhesive being used? (though this may have some toxic fumes, they should subside within a day after tile cures)
  • What type of grout is being used? (using one that has a sealant in it may have some fumes (again only until it dries), but the benefits over the years may be worth it. Just ventilate!)
  • Do you have ventilation fans available to help keep dust and debris from spreading through the house? (this is especially important if removal of old flooring is necessary) Please note that it’s not common for most installers to provide this benefit; therefore, you may wish to at least run an air purifier during the installation process)

Remember that when doing any type of remodeling, you should always consider the effects on you and your children. Dust and debris can cause respiratory issues, so always allow good ventilation and keep the kids out for a day until air is clean and clear again when possible.