Take Off Those Shoes!

You may be surprised to learn that one of the simplest and most effective ways of going toxic-free is taking off your shoes before or upon entering your home. By adopting this one easy habit, you will virtually leave thousands of potentially harmful (not to mention disgusting!) chemicals at the door.

Ever wonder what all we step on each day? Do you know what exactly is on the bottom of your shoes? Chances are you don’t want to know, but if you’re dragging it around your floors and into your carpet, you are—without a doubt—potentially contaminating your whole family.

Picture this:

You stop to fill up your gas tank on your way home from work. You step out and stand where John Doe just dripped gasoline before you pulled up, then you head home and walk through your living room to pick up little Suzy and give her a kiss. Suzy sits back down on the floor to pick up her puzzle pieces, then decides she wants some cheerios and grabs a handful and shoves them in her mouth.

Are you with us here?

Little Suzy just put John Doe’s gas in her mouth because you didn’t take off your shoes.

If you give even brief consideration to how many chemicals and items of pure disgust you walk through each day with your shoes, it won’t be a difficult decision to start removing them at home. You’ll do your family a world of good … and there’s possibly nothing simpler than this one intelligent change in your daily routine.