Toxic Free Kids

Toxic-Free Kids is a cancer prevention campaign launched by Children’s Cancer Recovery to help educate children and their families on the dangers of environmental toxins. Through Toxic-Free Kids, we’re making it our mission to teach the world how to live a healthier and safer toxic-free life.

Environmental toxins have been linked to the increased occurrence of childhood cancer and many other childhood illnesses. Each year, as more children are diagnosed with cancer and other conditions, more families will suffer needlessly. By changing the way we live and the products we use, we can help protect our children—and it begins right in our very own homes, where we spend most of our time. Making simple changes by using toxic-free products, testing your home for radon, and making sure your drinking water is safe can truly make a difference. These changes could be the key to saving yours and your child’s life, and Toxic-Free Kids is dedicated to making it simple for parents and families to make these changes.

It is our hope to launch a full multimedia program in schools and large organizations to reach out to all children and their families. By providing educational materials, Toxic-Free Kids will give the public the knowledge to create a healthy environment and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our programs are being developed with the goal that no child should have to suffer from childhood cancer or other illnesses, and our program will be designed to help children identify dangerous chemicals and to spark awareness of possible solutions. By providing a “toxic-free checklist” to use in every area of life, teaching kids the dangers of chemicals, and giving them the opportunity to help, we believe that real change can happen. And not only will they change their own lives, but also those of generations to come.

We understand that life is busy, so we’re doing our best to make going toxic-free as easy as possible for all families. We also realize that change doesn’t happen instantly, so making progress one step at a time is the easiest way to accomplish a toxic-free life.

As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our children and do our best to provide a safe and healthy environment. It’s not too late to make that change. If you’re the parent of a child diagnosed with cancer, we know the suffering that you and your child have endured. The hardest part for any parent is the possibility of knowing you could have prevented your child’s diagnosis. If this is your situation, we want you to know you’re not alone; many families are simply unaware of the dangers of environmental toxins.

We hope you’ll pledge to go toxic-free in order to provide a healthier, safer lifestyle for your family. We’ve created Toxic-Free Kids expressly for you with hope that you’ll never have to experience the pain of cancer, and with the goal of giving valuable, potentially life-saving information to every child and family. By making small changes today, you will truly be giving your family a healthier tomorrow.